LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.


Sunlight creates the best conditions for learning and working. However, when staying indoors, it is necessary to ensure lighting that not only imitates natural light, but also does not cause headaches or strain the eyes. According to experts, downlight luminaires work perfectly in offices and lecture halls, as well as places that require the display of some products, e.g. showrooms or galleries.

The products offered by LUG Light Factory have adjustable optics, so users can direct the lighting in a given direction. Some models in the range are additionally equipped with functions that reduce the glare effect and illuminance control. Thanks to these properties, seemingly minimalist and simple lamp fixtures become modern architectural solutions. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the different shapes of individual models and easy installation.

Company name: LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.
Company address: Gorzowska 11
Zip Code: 65-127
City : Zielona Góra
Phone : 68 45 33 200

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