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Personalization of space prevails in modern interior design. Thanks to built-in appliances, it is possible to freely design the kitchen so that it is convenient for the household members. Thanks to this, household appliances do not clutter the space, but are a coherent complement to the built-in and cabinets. Amica Group, among others, produces ovens that can be freely mounted at the height you need.

Thanks to perfectly designed appliances, baking is a pleasure. The built-in oven manufacturer knows this perfectly well. Therefore, in addition to the impeccable appearance, the devices of this company have many useful functions. Automatically opening doors are just one of the elements. The oven can be set remotely via the app on your smartphone. This is a great convenience for working people. You don't need to be an advanced cook to enjoy delicious dishes straight from the oven. Smart devices automatically adjust the parameters to the indicated dish. The short heating time and the steam function help you prepare quick and tasty dishes.

Company name: Amica Group
Company address: Mickiewicza 52
Zip Code: 64--51
City : Wronki
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