The failure of air-conditioning equipment can cause production stoppages, as well as a decrease in employee productivity. To keep the system running smoothly, regular maintenance is required, and it can be done by Cooling Services 24, which also provides air conditioning repair in Surrey, Berkshire and London. Services provided by experienced specialists are a guarantee of quality and quick restoration of the device to working condition.

The company also deals with the installation of ventilation systems, even in buildings with high requirements in this regard. In the interest of saving costs and energy, it is also worth considering the choice of heat pumps, as well as recuperators, which are starting to become the norm in modern passive construction. More information about the offer is available on the company's website.

Company name: CoolingServices24
Company address: 2 Greens Cottages, Surrey, London 2
Zip Code: RG-12
City : Bracknell
Phone : +447957587915

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