How to watermark photos

Have you ever asked yourself, how to watermark photos? Well, tons of people have. You can contact a professional to have it done for you, or you may search the web for the free application that leaves their own watermark on what you upload there, or you can purchase an easy to use program, Visual Watermark from Don’t worry, the software does not require registration and is add-free, and what is more, it is completely offline therefore no one has an access to your materials apart from you and your computer. It gives you freedom to work whenever and wherever you want without having to connect with the Internet (and work with slow connection). If your share your photographs via diverse media, you have to protect your copyright – you certainly don’t want to see someone else use your works! To accomplish that you need to properly sign them which might sound a bit tricky when it comes to digital materials, but the solution is obviously really simple - you need a watermark which is a type of a stamp put on photographs and videos like a logo or a company name. If you don’t have one of your own, it is not an issue – Visual Watermark provides you with 260 available fonts (including styles like bold, italic, and combined), 66 visual effects and 60 built-in icons, batch watermarking option, as well as anti-automated watermark removal solution. Intelligent system will insert a watermark automatically, but you can adjust it later to your expectations, changing the size, position, opacity and so on. The app is suitable for Mac and Windows and now also on Android, works with High Dpi (Retina) displays and supports PNG, JPG, RGB, CMYK, TIFF, BMP and others. The software contains also a step-by-step instruction on how to watermark photos that will guide you through all the program options and features. Visit company’s website, download the application and enjoy the high quality of watermarks on your photos.

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